Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Spring With The Grandkids

Wednesday, April 11th - Sunday, June 10th

We left Vegas on Monday, April 9th and arrived in Helena on Tuesday.

Just a day or two later this was the scene.  The kids were building snowmen and catching snowflakes on their tongues.  Brrr, it was cold in the RV, but we do have an electric mattress pad, so sleeping was nice and cozy.

The kids had a couple weeks of swimming lessons left at the YMCA, so I got to go and watch.  Dallas was much improved from last year.

Tally swimming on her own.

Entertaining Benny.  We went to Pizza Ranch on April 22nd and ate and played games to celebrate Tierney and Tally's adoption days which just happen to be on the same date.

Ahh, flexibility!  Wish I could do this.

The kids have their own little race track loop for their bikes now...

 with a nice little park area in the center to rest and play.

Relaxing on the couch watching a little TV.  Everyone gets a turn helping with the baby.

I think he might be missing the show, or not.

Look Dad, a behind-the-back pass just like Carter does!

Oh Grandpa, You're the best!  You let me sit on the table.  Mom won't let any of the kids sit on the table!  What a push over!

 Hey Grandma, we got chickens, seven of them!  Mine is named George.

Mine is Puff.

Mine is Summer.  Keira's is Birdie because she calls them all birdie.  Benny's is Toppie because it has a fluff of white feathers on the top of its head.  Mom's is Chipmunk because of its speckled colors that look like chipmunk stripes. Dad's is Chickenmungen or Red because of its red color.  

There's just no keeping the kids out of the chicken run.  Over the fence they go, even Keira who is only two.

You can always tell when he's up to no good!

Those chickens will probably never lay an egg.  They will surely have anxiety disorders from being chased all the time.

Meanwhile, back in the house, everything is momentarily calm and quiet as Grandpa reads stories.

Keira's turn to feed Baby B.

Aaw. Come on Mom.  Please.

Look Mom, he's standing up!

Everybody gets a turn at babysitting.  Good job, Digger!

Fun with Tally.

Smile Benny!

Oh wait, maybe that's too much lovin'.

Relaxing with Gramps.

Best Buddies.

There's always some form of baseball going on around here.

Hey guys, when is it my turn?

I'm ready.

Who's going to pitch?

Dallas's preschool graduation.

Helping Mom plant the vegetables.

We're so excited.  Somebody gave us an old swing set.

Hey, I thought somebody was supposed to catch me!

Cold water in the sled, what fun!

Now the new swing set we had already ordered arrived, so they are busy putting it together.

Hopefully there will be enough swings for this whole tribe, so they won't have to fight over them.  Oh well, wishful thinking on my part.

Home School swimming lessons.

Dallas and Keira helping Mom plant the garden tower.

Sorry Grandma, I got your shoes.

The kids' flower bed and rock garden.

Snack time.

Fun in the camper.

He can only scoot backwards or in circles, so he backs up until he gets stuck under a chair or couch.

High flying at the park.

This park is about 8 blocks from their house right down the bike path, so it makes a nice little outing for me and the kids.

Ten Mile Creek next to the park.

We stopped to see the neighbors burros across the road from the park before we headed home on the bike path.

Yeah, I finally finished the shower remodeling project while you had the kids at the park!  Jeff's folks arrived May 31st for a week, so we ducked out one day and went to the Territorial Prison Museum at Deer Lodge while they were here.  More about that in the next blog.

Yeah, new lawn chairs for us little ones!

First blossom on the new clematis we just planted a couple weeks ago.

We left Helena on Monday, June 11th and arrived in Hankinson, ND. the next day, where we camped through the weekend for my niece's wedding.  More about that in another blog.  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer as much as we are.