Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Birthday Parties & Cross Country Meets

Just a few poses from Tierney's latest photo shoot. It's been a while ago, but I just got them on my computer. One of her Mom's friends uses her for advertising her photography.

Wed, Sept. 28th - Wed, Oct. 5th

After a couple days of John mowing for my Mom and little brother and a little visit with my brother's family, we packed up Mom and her stuff in the RV and hit the road again. We stopped in Bismarck for lunch at my great aunt Clementine's (whom my Mother is named after). Then we headed west to Circle, Montana and spent the night camped in the park by the fairgrounds. We spent Tuesday night at my Mom's brother's place in Lewistown, Montana. Uncle Tony took us out for Mexican and margaritas and cousin Wade sent us on our way with a case of homemade wine. We tried the first bottle, a pinot grigio, and it was very good. Thanks for everything, Tony & Lori and Wade & Debbie. It was great to see you all, again.

We arrived in Helena Wednesday afternoon just in time to get to Carter's first cross country meet, but forgot the camera. The next day John was busy washing tons of bugs off the front of the RV and the car, as the rest of us enjoyed watching on a beautiful sunny afternoon.

Monday morning arrived and Tierney woke up to a decorated house. "Whose birthday is it?" "Mine!"

The making of the princess cake with lots of onlookers in attendance.

A job well done! Way to go, Hilary!

The Princess, herself!

"Pinning the Tiara on the Princess." Everybody wins and gets a very shrill whistle for a prize. Big mistake!

Opening of the presents. Oh, a cooking set! I think her favorites were the princess jewlery from Aunt Dawn and a little bird from Great Grandma Clem. She loves birds.

Blowing out the candles.

A little tea party with birthday cake to finish off the party.

The next day Grandpa got a surprise party for his 60th with his favorite thing, a butterfinger ice cream cake from DQ. Friday we are going out to Jade Garden for Great Grandma's 77th birthday.

Carter's 2nd cross country meet with the little girls cheering him on. He is the second runner here. "Go Carter! Yeah Carter! Run Carter!"

It was a rainy, muddy day.

"Let's climb up on the monkey bars, so we can see Carter better when he runs by."

Carter checking in for his time after the race.

"Hurray, the race is over! It's snack time!"

She's such a sweet little baby!

Heading to Portland by the 19th.

Over and out,