Thursday, September 15, 2011

Brookings, SD. to Greenfield, Iowa

Mon. Aug. 21st - Sat. Sept. 24th

We spent a week camped out at Rich's little ranch, where we literally went to sleep counting sheep and woke up every morning to their bleeting. Sometimes we heard the coyotes howling in the night.

Julie, the animal nut, enjoyed the kittens when she stopped out to visit us. I was surprised she didn't try to climb the fence and pet the sheep.

I saw this tree growing inside a corn crib when I was out walking. I thought it was kind of cool. Rich and Kathy, thanks again for all your hospitality and the bags and bags of tomatos and other veggies from your garden. We have enjoyed them very much.

On Sunday afternoon we got together with old friends at their home south of town. [Many years ago (before 911) this friend planned a long weekend trip to Canada for the guys. When they were crossing the border, they were asked if any of them had ever been convicted of a felony. John piped up from the back seat and asked, "Did you say, convicted?" Needless to say, they were asked to pull over and the entire car was thoroughly searched. Steve is a very "organized" guy and had a time line for the trip including dinner reservations at 7:00, etc. This certainly threw a wrench into the schedule.] So we had been relaxing on their patio for a while, John and Steve rocking in their patio chairs, when Steve started giving John the look like he was doing something wrong. We were all wondering what was up, but we were not a bit surprised when he finally told John, "You're rocking out of sequence." (And my kids think I'm anal!) We weren't sure if he was serious or just pulling our legs. Either way, it was very funny! We enjoyed the afternoon very much. Thanks Steve and Ruth for having us all out to your hacienda. It was great to see you guys, and you too, Ron and Linda.

After a couple of days with Dawn in Sioux Falls, we headed for Greenfield, Iowa to visit friends and relatives. Here we are camped in the side yard of our very good friends, the gourmet cooks and world travelers. This is the friend who ran with the bulls in Spain with John.

Here's to good friends, good food, good wine and good times! Cheers!

Besides all the gourmet meals, they also had a Labor Day brunch with Bloody Marys and other "refreshments" at their cabin in the country, with lots of old friends invited. Very nice and so good to see everyone.

We walked by the fairgrounds where they were setting up for the annual swap meet with over a 1,000 venders. We came by these porta potties that have the same name as my pet name for John.

He felt right at home and wanted to show them off.

BL and Gerry, it was a great week! Sorry we couldn't stay longer. Thanks so much for all the good times! Good luck on your Sixth Continent Marathon in Buenos Aires, just one more to go! Have a great trip!

On the way back to Sioux Falls we stopped in Emmetsburg, Iowa to visit John's Aunt and family. We spent a week and a half at Dawn's, then back to Brookings for a few days and a bike ride on Saturday, the 24th. Then up to North Dakota to Mom's and back out to the grandkids in Montana. Blogs will probably get more regular again in November when we sart heading south thru Oregon and California.

Over and Out,