Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sioux Falls, SD.

Thur & Fri - May 13th & 14th

We stopped at Sexauer Park (city campground) in Brookings, before we left town to visit our trophy daughter (quoting Tim Fletcher, when he heard that she works for a trophy company) in Sioux Falls. Of course, she said, "I always liked Tim". There are a dozen or so campsites in this nice little park.

I thought this little story about the history of cigar manufacturing in Sioux Falls was interesting. It is on the corner of 8th Street and Phillips.

We walked over here from our trophy daughter's house to do the downtown sculpture walk.

There are over fifty sculptures on both sides of Phillips Avenue from 8th Street to 12th Street. This one is called "Lord Grizzly".

John liked this one. I think it reminded him of growing up on the farm.

This one is entitled "Melt" and was John's favorite.

"Tiger and Cub"

This building was started in 1892. A third story was added in 1910.

In the foreground, kitty corner from the government building, is an interesting sculpture made from bicycle handlebars.

This one is my favorite, a playful combining of a wooden shoe and the "Yellow Submarine" of Beatles fame.

"Flower Dancing in the Wind"

If you look closely, you can see the "Katrina" sculpture to the right of the fountain, another one behind that and a couple more across the street.

I included this one just for my special friend, Julie.

This is one of several outside the library, which is a block or two west of Phillips on the north end of the sculpture walk.


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