Saturday, June 12, 2010

Milnor, DeLamere, Lisbon & Lake Elsie

June 1-14 - Family Time
"For the Fishermen" in memory of Clayton Severson. Not every family spends their memorial money on an outhouse. This was one of my Dad's favorite local lakes to go fishing and he always complained that there was no bathroom. So Mom remedied the situation.
This is what's left in DeLamere, where the grade school I attended used to be. There was even a high school there when I started first grade. The church I went to is now an antique store.

This is the bar my folk's owned. We lived in the back and upstairs. The bar is still running, but it's a dying town.

My Mom and my nephew in front of the Veteran's Home in Lisbon. Andy took us to Gordy's for ice cream. Mmmm! John's favorite treat. Thanks, Andy. See you again soon.

Then we went for a drive out to Fort Ransom, where there is a quaint little village, campgrounds, downhill skiing and, of course, this viking on the hill.

Go Milnor Bison!

We got to see two of my niece's softball games. She is a really good pitcher and pitched two games back to back, except for one inning. Go Moby! We enjoyed it very much. Seriously, Goettle!

After a few days at my Mom's, we spent six days at my little brother's new lake lot on Lake Elsie near Hankinson. This is the little pile of rocks we picked off the beach to earn our keep. Now there is a nice sandy beach at the bottom of the hill.

This is a view of another little lake to the rear of their lot. I've become an artist. Note the little trailer down by the hedge. I painted it all be myself. Well, maybe artist isn't the right word.

Another view to the rear of the lot.

This brand new Veteran's Memorial is on the south side of the lake and there is a paved bike path from here into Hankinson, about three miles. We rode into town three times. The last time was to watch Moby play softball again. A storm blew up about half way into town and I felt like the wicked witch in the "Wizard of Oz" pedaling like crazy to beat the storm. John said I looked like her, too. No more omelets for him in the morning. Nothing but cold cereal. We got soaked before we made it to the park shelter, but we dried out and it was worth it, when we got to see the awesome hits Moby made in the game that night.

The shot above was taken from the south side of the lake toward little brother's lot on the north.

The birds were on the little pond east of their lot.

A sunset shot on the little lake behind their lot. Thanks for letting us stay guys. We enjoyed it very much. Seriously Goettle!

Westward bound toward Montana & grandkids.


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