Sunday, October 10, 2010

Uffda Days in Rutland, ND.

Sun, Oct. 3rd - Sat, Oct. 9th

Not every little town has a world record. Rutland, ND. is about 3 blocks by 3 blocks. With my baby brother and his family, we took Mom here to "Uffda Days" for her birthday. It is a five hour event (11:00 AM to 4:00 PM) the first Sunday in October.

They have kiddie train rides, museums, arts & crafts, old car show, and a parade. There is also lots of good food. We had Uffda (not Indian) Tacos and bought lots of lefse to take home. They fried over 5,000 pieces of lefse to sell.

We also tried the rommegrot, but I don't recommend it. It's a sort of hot pudding that looks and tastes like hot pancake batter. They drizzle hot butter over it and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on it. I guess I'm not a very good Norwegian!

The parade had horses, old cars, trucks and tractors and lots of other good stuff......

including the Woobie Kazoobie Uffda Band! I wonder if they have any CDs out.
We stopped in Bismarck to visit my Dad's cousin and her husband and had a guided tour of the city and points of interest on Monday.

Traveling in western North Dakota on our way to Montana, this sculpture along the interstate marks the beginnning of The Enchanted Highway. South about twenty miles, there are many sculptures to see, but we have to go some other time, when we are not on a schedule. We skipped Medora and the Badlands, as we have been there in the past.

A view near Townsend, Mt. about 30 miles south of Helena. We will get to Helena in time to help our grandson with his paper route and babysit tomorrow night.

Celebrating our granddaughter's 2nd birthday with Carousel rides and ice cream.

Lions & tigers & bears. Oh my! Oh no, wait, it's a dinosaur!

I think the fish was her favorite. She should fit in well with the fishermen in my family.

What flavor did you get Grandpa? Mmmmm!

Our grandson doing warm-up drills before the game. He is #1 on the far right with his Dad, the assistant coach, next to him. Carter made an awesome touch down in the game, which they won 25 to 20.

This is how our granddaughter likes to watch the game, trying to keep Mom distracted from watching the game.

Grandpa is busy helping with the remodeling of the basement bathroom, when we are not playing with the grand kids. We will be staying here till the 21st.

On a side note, we were discussing funerals with Mom and she said she wanted to be cremated and we should mix her ashes with Dad's and bury them together. So my little brother asked if she still had one of those things with the crank on the side (egg beater), so we could use it to mix the ashes?????
Grandma Tarra signing off.

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