Monday, May 28, 2012

Sisseton, SD. to Helena, MT.

Thurs, May 4th - Sunday, May 27th
We left Brookings, SD. on Thursday afternoon and stopped to see this unusual building just a few miles off the interstate at the Sisseton Wahpeton College, just a little south of Sisseton.  I found out about it from a pamphlet I picked up at the new McCrory Gardens Visitor Center in Brookings.  It listed sights of interest along the I-29 corridor.

Somewhere in Montana along the Yellowstone River on our way to see the grandkids in Helena, Montana.


Another view along the way.  We're in ranch country now.

Getting close now.  Can't wait to see those grandkids again!

At last, I'm finally getting my Grandma fix!

Another picture, Grandma, really?

Carter, Grandma's taking pictures again!

Don't let Grandpa kid you.  He's having as much fun as I am, but Tierney says he has a mean look sometimes.  He's not as much of a pushover as I am.

Mom, can't you make him quit smooching me all the time?
It's been pretty cold and rainy for the last few days.  Sunday morning, Memorial Weekend, we woke up to 36 degrees in the frig and 37 in the camper and heavy wet snow about an inch deep outside.  BRRR!!!

View of Mt. Helena.  We will be heading for Canada on June 4th on our way to Alaska.  We will have our phones turned off while we are in Canada, as the roaming fees are outrageous.  We will be checking our e-mail regularly when we have campground Wi-Fi.  When we get to Alaska, our phones will be back on.

We just got a new computer and my blog website changed it's format, so I am learning a lot of stuff all over again.  So there may be a few glitches while I am practicing and until I get everything figured out again.

Grandma Tarra signing out for now.

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