Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Leaving Portland for the Coast

Fri - 23rd

John's cousin, David, and his wife Karen took us to the OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) and to a brew pub for lunch. I had a stout beer with chocolate and coffee flavors. Definitely not a good combination with beer.

Sat - 24th

We went to Willamette National Cemetery to visit Uncle Ernie's collumbarium. What a beautiful and incredibly massive cemetery! There are many thousands of graves here. They are adding about 3,500 a year now and will soon run out of room. We had supper at David and Karen's.

Tuesday - Oct. 27th

We left Aunt Dorothy's about 9:30 this morning. Believe it or not, Dorothy got two kisses and hugs from shy little Johnnie. That's never happened before. With the heavy traffic and rain, it took us about an hour to get out of Portland and a little over two and a half hours total to get down to the coast. There was 18" of snow on Mt. Hood last night, but they were forecasting sunshine at the coast. We went thru Beaverton on Hwy. 26 and turned onto Hwy.6 near Forest Grove, where "Animal House" was filmed. On our way, we went over Wilson River Summit (1586"). We had to wait a couple of times for some road construction. No worries, mate. We have time and all the comforts of home with us. John looked over at me with my feet up on the dash, taking pictures and notes, and laughed at me. I told him maybe I'd write a book someday. He said, "Fine by me, as long as you don't mention we were ever married." I said, "I'll mention anything I want in my book." He said, "I'll sue you for every penny I have!" Hmm. I'll be happy to spend it if he wins.

Our first stop on the coast was the Tillamook Air Museum,
(www.tillamookair.com) just to see the building, because John read that it is the biggest free standing wooden building in the world. (We can't miss that big ball of twine, you know.) There were originally two, but one of them burned down. The government stored blymps in them during WWII. They were used for patroling the Pacific coastline. We have been here before and toured the Tillamook Cheese Factory which is very interesting. We were going to skip it this time, but the ice cream was calling to us, so we had to back track and get ice cream. We had a 5 scoop sampler bowl to share. Tarra's was blueberry cheesecake and espresso mocha. John's was udderly chocolate and old-fashioned vanilla. And Tillamook mudslide was community property! http://www.tillamookcheese.com/

We stopped at Fred Meyer (it's like a Walmart, sorry Steve) for groceries and followed a van for a little while whose whole back end was painted with, "It's only kinky the first time". Hhmmm?

We took the Three Capes Scenic route along the coast from Tillamook . We went past Cape Meares and camped at Lookout Pointe State Park near Netarts. The sun was indeed finally shining when we pulled in here to camp, but was gone by the time we got all set up and went for a walk on the beach. It was chilly walking around 5:00 Pm, about 45 degrees and windy. The waves were pretty high coming in. I found a perfect crab shell, which I am going to try and save for Carter, if it doesn't get broken. There were lots of jelly fish washed up on the beach. Also lots of sand dollars, but they were all broken in half. http://www.oregonstateparks.org/

John only lost patience with my map reading once today. He said he wished Julie was here.
Wishing you all smooth sailing,

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