Friday, October 23, 2009

Multnomah Falls

Thursday we went hiking at two waterfalls about 20 miles east of Portland right on I-84. We started at Wakeenah Falls (240') and hiked one mile to the top and beyond and then across to above Multnomah Falls (620') where we hiked down along the falls to Multnomah Lodge. Then John had a half mile hike back to get the car while I took some more pictures and checked out the gift shop. All together about a five mile hike that took us about 3 hours. It was mostly an overcast day, as this is starting to be the rainy season in Oregon. We still had great views of the Columbia River Gorge. Uphill was a little tough on two old timers, but we pushed and pulled each other, taking turns being the engineer or the caboose until we made it to the top.

Most of the pictures are views along our hike. The falls is Multnomah Falls when we got back to the bottom. Then we went to Bonneville Dam Fish Hatchery and Ladders, locks, and power plant which is just a couple miles away. They count the fish thru the windows as they go up the ladders to keep track of the changing fish populations. There are a lot of damns on the Columbia River which are creating a problem for the salmon to swim upriver to spawn. Their population is decreasing and they are studying ways to correct this. The fish in this picture is a sturgeon.

Friday we went to the OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry) with John's cousin, David and his wife, Karen. We were supposed to go hiking, but it was raining. Lucky for John. An old man needs his rest.

Keep on pedaling.


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