Monday, March 22, 2010

Gettin' Our Kicks on Route 66

Fri - March 19th
We left Vegas today heading east. This is a view of Lake Mead.

This is a drive-by view of Hoover Dam. We did the tour when we were here in 2000.

The new bridge going up to route traffic around and away from the dam.

White Cliffs at Kingman on Route 66. You can see a white path along the base on the left side. It is wheel tracks from the first wagon road built across the country, before Route 66.

Here are a couple of close-up views of the tracks.

They are hard like concrete.

This is the diner we ate lunch at in Kingman. Burger, fries and homemade rootbeer. It just doesn't get any better than that!

The Beatles, Roy Orbison, etc. on the old juke box. It was a fun and nostalgic lunch.

We keep seeing old car clubs everywhere we go.
We spent the night in Kingman and headed east toward Flagstaff on Saturday.

What's this? No, No, No! This is just not right. Someone must have made a wrong turn. I'm just the cook. This couldn't be my fault! John once read a list of RV rules and the last rule was, "If you are doing any of the above in snow, you are doing it wrong".

We drove about 30 miles past Flagstaff and came out of the snow, but it was still cold. It got down to 28 where we camped Saturday night.

This is not the oldest crater on earth, but it is the best-preserved and first-proven meteorite impact site. It is used as a science research and learning center. It's as tall as a 60 story building and large enough to accommodate 20 football games being played simultaneously as over two million fans watch from the sloping walls.

Down on the bottom is an astronaut cut-out and a flag just like on the moon. You can't even see them without a telescope. We saw this crater Sunday morning and after lunch headed south all the way to Tucson for warmer climates. Obviously we need a better navigator.

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