Saturday, March 20, 2010

Last Day at Death Valley

Sun - March 19th
Ghost town of Rhyolite just across the border from Beatty, Nevada.

There was a small gift shop and some weird art sculptures at this ghost town.

This little house made of bottles was also there.

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes. There were people hiking all over. I saw a couple of little boys who kept trying to dive down the side of a dune, thinking they would slide down. There were some other kids with a surf board trying to surf down the dunes. Made me wish I was a kid again.

Taking a little rest while we were hiking in Mosaic Canyon.

The canyon walls look like polished

View from Father Crowley Vista, overlooking northern Panamint Valley.

Here's a couple of pictures of the Furnace Creek Ranch Resort across the road from our campground. This is the horseshoe area and the chuckwagons in the back are where they serve BBQ feeds for special groups. They had date palm groves all around the resort, a beautiful golf course and a spring-fed swimming pool.

I don't know if any of you remember the twenty mule team commercials on TV. As I remember, it was a laundry detergent in a green box. I might be wrong. I always thought it meant the detergent was as tough as a twenty mule team in getting out the dirt. Well today I found out that they needed a twenty mule team to haul the borax 165 miles out of the desert and it took about a month to haul a load out.
We heard a funky country song on the radio today. The chorus line was "To come up to what you're wantin', I'll sure come a long way down". John said "I hope you don't think that applies to you". I
said "No, I know you had to come down to my saloon girl level". He said "I wouldn't say saloon girl level...........barfly maybe". He discovered that Death Valley can be a very lonely place.
Back to Vegas for a couple days of relaxing by the pool and then on to Route 66.

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