Thursday, April 22, 2010

Greenfield , Iowa

Sun - April 11th
Imagine our surprize and delight when we discovered that the world premier of the movie "Peacock", which was made recently in John's hometown, would be showing at the old Opera House while we were in town!

The old cars lined up in front of the Opera House were all used in the movie. The brown one in the middle belongs to our best man's sister and her husband. It was a very strange movie, but how often do you get to attend a world premier? Some of the stars in this movie were Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page, Josh Lucas, Susan Sarandan, Keith Carradine and Bill Pullman.
There was another movie, "Cold Turkey", starring Dick Van Dyke made here in 1969. John was in a crowd scene, but all the times I have watched it, I have never been able to pick him out. As usual he is patiently waiting for me to finish taking pictures. He is sitting in front of the Courthouse across the street.

Some of you have probably seen this on the internet before. This rock is a few miles north of Greenfield and is painted by a local artist.

He has a photography and painting studio in town.

Oops, we're late for happy hour and B.L. couldn't wait. He started without us. We are camping in his yard and we aren't very good hosts.

We went for a walk around Greenfield Lake in the city park at the edge of town. The dandelions were thick right along the edges of the sidewalk most of the way around.

Since we had just recently visited the Land of Oz, it reminded me of the Yellow Brick Road. It's a very pretty park. There is also a very nice Historical Museum in town with several old buildings and lots of antiques.

Another day we visited Henry Wallace's birthplace which is just a few miles from town. He was born in 1888 and was Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of Commerce and Vice President from 1941 to 1945.

We had been here many years ago when all they had was the house. Now they have this Gathering Barn where they serve lunch two days a week and cater all kinds of functions.

The picture of the Iowa Prairie, Pond and Walking Path was taken from the Verle Armstrong Observation Deck. Verle was our best man's father.

There is a 3/4 mile walking path with several unusual sculptures along the way. It's a very peaceful and serene setting.

This one is dedicated to a long time gardener and care taker who passed away. They have themed flower gardens, vegetable gardens and orchards. They use all their produce in their restaurant and they have a farmer's market.

This one is called "Scarecrows and War". The cannon issues forth seeds and plants indicative of the corn stalk. Integrated are two scarecrows, a traditional image over a more angelic guardian figure. They represent stewardship of the land and spiritual shelter to humanity. Wallace envisioned a world reborn from destruction after the depression and war.

More Iowa tomorrow.

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