Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tulip Time in Pella, Iowa

Thur - April 22nd
If you don't like tulips, stop now. This blog is all about tulips. The Tulip Festival in Pella is always the second weekend in May. We were there 16 days early and the tulips were in full, glorious bloom. Some years they are early and they end up having a "Stem Festival".

It looks like this will be one of those years. Pella doors and windows are manufactured here.
These are in the back yard of the historical village that is part of the museum.

When Pella got too large, some of the people moved to Orange City. We have been to the tulip festival there and it is wonderful. It is the third weekend in May. Both cities have a terrific Dutch parade and lots of charming little shops and beautiful old homes.

These are in one of the parks.

Pella is having their 75th festival and they are looking for volunteers to help them set a record with 1,000 dancers in wooden shoes. To join in the fun go to

Beats the heck out of driving truck!

The boulevards are like this all over town.

There are several windmills all around town.

This is a park across the street from the city square.

A couple of close-ups.

At the center of the city square.

Another close-up.

The Klokkenspel is down a side street from the square a half block. It chimes every 15 minutes, and on the hour the figurines come out one at a time.

No happy hour. In this Dutch Reformed community, you won't find any bars in the main, downtown part of town. Sorry B.L.

This is the park behind the klokkenspel.

Close-up of the apple blossoms.

On the way to Pella, we drove through Knoxville where they have a very large 3M plant. It is the "Sprint Car Capital of the World" with weekly races and the Hall of Fame and Museum. There is also a very large VA hospital and complex that we heard is going to be changed over to a women's facility. We didn't stop in Knoxville.

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  1. You already miss 3M so much you're visiting plants? Also, if dancing in clogs beats driving a truck, does that mean Dad will be going back for the clogging in a couple of weeks? Haha. -Dawn