Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ceour D' Alene & Hayden Lake, Idaho

Tue - Fri, July 14th - 17th
Celtic concert at the downtown park in Ceour d' Alene. John could hardly keep from doing a jig. He should have worn his kilt. We were visiting friends at Hayden Lake just a few miles north. We met them in Egypt and also went to Peru with them.
This is a fancy resort and marina near downtown. Lake Ceour d 'Alene is 38 miles long and very beautiful.

Our friends took us hiking on the Tubb's Hill Trail near the resort.

Fantastic views!

This golf course on the lake has a floating movable green. They take you out by boat to play this hole. It costs about $200.00 to play 18 holes.

After our hike we had lunch and drinks on the sun deck at the resort and watched a parasailer.

This is a home on Hayden Lake owned by the president of Hadley Mining.

This is Bing Crosby's home on Hayden Lake.

This is our friend's home on Hayden Lake with one flight of stairs up to the deck and two more flights up to where the trail starts with five switchbacks and one more flight of steps up to the main floor deck on their home. It's quite a hike, but totally beautiful and rustic. I went for a swim after we hiked the English Point Trail near their home on a very warm day. It was great!

Here's a view down to their dock from above. We went for a boat ride around the lake.

Another view showing the trail down to the stairs.

One more view.

Here's a little lighted waterfall next to the deck on their house. What a beautiful home they have. Thank you so much J & C for all your hospitality. We enjoyed our visit very much.

To quote Arnold, "I'll be back."

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