Friday, July 16, 2010

Kalispell, Mt. to Canyon Campground

Sun - July 11th
Views along the road between Kalispell and Libby Montana.

Kootenai (koo'tenee) County Park near Montana/Idaho border. Named after the Kootenai Indian tribe in the Montana/Idaho/Canada area. Nice picnic grounds in the pines and lots of hiking trails. The engineer blew his horn and waved as we were standing on the walking bridge overhead
Hikes went to the swinging bridge you can see in the distance here and to the falls.

Aaah, now this is the life. Beats the heck out of trucking.

Here is John crossing the swinging bridge.

Another view of the swinging bridge in the distance.

Here is the split falls with a guy and his kayak on the rocks in the center. We thought he was trying to decide which path to take or just praying.

The crowd was gathering to watch him go down the river.

We stayed about an hour, but got tired of waiting. Don't know if he ever got up his nerve to go or not.

Moyie (moyee)River Canyon.

Picture of theMoyie River Bridge from below.

Moyie Falls.

Flowers along the river.

Bald eagle at the Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge near Bonners Ferry, Idaho.

Myrtle Falls in the wildlife refuge. We hiked a steep, narrow trail up here to see it.

This shows the switchback gravel road we took down to Twin Rivers Campground at the confluence of the Moyie and Kootenai Rivers.

This is the far end of the campground away from where we were camped. They also had a small pond with swimming beach for kids and families.

As we were coming back down our second day here, we stopped to take pictures of the campground from above. As you can see, it was very, very windy. Just as I snapped this picture, I heard a crack and one of the trees snapped off and practically fell in my lap. It brushed up against the car and I got pine needles and debris in my lap. John said why didn't I holler, so he could get the car out of the way. It happened so fast, I could barely react. I just ducked as the tree came my way.

You can see the tree laying on the side of the road after John pulled forward. There were scratches all over the side of the car from the pine needles in the dust, but they wiped right off, no permanent damage. The tree doesn't look very big in the pictures, but it looked plenty big to us, about a foot in diameter and very tall.

Thank goodness it wasn't any taller or it would have smashed the roof right in on my head.

Here's a little better picture of the canyon where our campground was. It was really beautiful.

This is another scene in the campground about 20 yards from our camper.
Heading for Coeur de Alene to visit friends.

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