Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back in Helena

Sun, June 26 thru Aug. 3rd (our 38th anniversary)

Our favorite pitcher, #1 Wald. Swing batter, batter. Swing batter, batter!

"Oh Digger, you're such a good dog!"

Whose dog is he anyway?

Swimming at the little lake right in town. Boy, that mountain water is cold. But the kids love it!

In case you thought Grandpa wasn't doing his part, he has five kids in the chair reading books with him and another little one on the floor with the dog, watching them.

This picture reminds me of the movie, "Steel Magnolias".

"Grandma, can you take a picture of me and Digger?"

I think she wants to be a model.

"Do you need new batteries in your camera yet, Grandma?"

"Because I still have some poses left for you."

"Look Grandma!"

So sweet.

"What you said, Mom? You are sewing new leggings for me?"

Watching our favorite pitcher again.

And we won the state tournament. We are headed to Kennewick, Washington for the Regionals.

"Baseball is so much fun, Dad!"

Tournaments mean motels. Yeah!! We get to go swimming!

When the tournament was over, we went to Portland to visit Great-Great Aunt Dorothy, before heading back home to Helena.

Back at home, more fun in the sun!

Watering Mom's flowers.

Garage sales are great. Thanks for the doll house, Grandma.

We went to the fair yesterday to go on the rides and see the animals, and today we got to go to the Carousel. So much fun!

Heading for North Dakota in a few days to spend some time with my family.

Hope you are all having as good a summer as we are!


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