Monday, August 22, 2011

Family Fun at Lake Elsie

Fri, Aug. 5th - Sun, Aug. 21st

It sure is nice to have a baby brother with a lake place. Miller Time is always better at the beach.

I hope we didn't wear out our welcome.

It sure was fun to be there for the new Grandpa's birthday, and his son-in-law's on the same day, exactly half his age this year.

Looks like we need to get a dog. We are the only ones in my family without one.

I'm not sure if this is Grandpa at work, or just a big boy and his toys. But I do like his new "Do".

What a pretty, peaceful evening!

Just a couple of very nice views as I walked around the lake.

This is just across the road from their place.

Lucky me, I have four Great-Grandmas and they all love me.

Go Brooke! That new ski is awesome.

I may be old, but I haven't lost it yet! Thanks for taking me skiing baby bro.

"Come on Gunner. Let's carry a little more wood down to the fire."

The only catch of the day. Hang on, Morgan!

John volunteered to entertain our new great nephew, but I really think he was keeping an eye on the food and doing a little tasting.

Happy Granny Jodi!

We really enjoyed our time at the lake with family. We can't wait to do it again next year!

Sunday night we headed south to Brookings to visit old friends and get our annual checkups. Then we will be heading to Iowa to visit friends and family and back to Sioux Falls for a few days with Dawn. Then back to North Dakota to pick up my Mom on our way to spend a couple more weeks in Montana with our grandkids, before we head south again.


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