Monday, November 4, 2013

Fun with the Grandkids

Trying a little different format and a little bigger pictures.  Let me know what you think.

Friday, Aug. 30th - Thursday, Oct. 24th

Yeah, Grandma and Grandpa are here!  Let's redo the bathroom.

Cutting the cement board for the shower walls.  You go girl!

Putting in a wall and pocket door for dual use and privacy when my princesses want to use the mirror.
What a good idea!

We princesses are doing our part by staying out of the way.

Hey Dad, can I help?

Say what!  You want a bite of my corn?  I don't think so.

I can get up.

Hey, let's camp out!

Oh, Digger.

Ah yes, a little backyard football with my son.

Mom and the girls.

Oh yes, we can.

C'mon Grandpa, play with us!

Princesses or Divas?  Not sure which.

Hi Grandma.  You want to come in our tent?

Vrrrooom, Vrrrooom!  Biker chick!

 Look at the new picnic table Grandma got us at the garage sale.

Grandpa's magic phone plays nursery rhyme videos.

Find us, Grandma.

Bathroom's looking great!  Almost done.  See what happens when you have free babysitters in the house.

Can I be a princess, too?  You already are, sweetie.  Yes, you are!

 A new twist on the story of "The Princess and the Pea".

C'mon Grandma Clem.

You want to read with me?

Family dance fest.  The girls are learning to do the YMCA.

They didn't quite know what to think of this.

The kids planned another surprise party for our 40th anniversary for which John's sister flew in from California and Mom and Dawn drove out.  Here we are getting ready to leave for a family photo session they planned as a gift for us.  They also got John a GPS app for his phone that is good all over the world, since we are planning to do some traveling in Europe next spring.  Thank you so much again to our wonderful kids. You are too good to us and we really appreciate it.  Also, thanks again to Mom and Kathy for coming.

This coat and hat was mine when I was little, so it has to be almost 59 years old!

The girls turned two and five while Mom, Dawn and Kathy were here.  Here they are wearing their new princess nighties Mom gave them and playing with the tea set she gave Tally.

Grandma Clem and Tally.

I love playing in the brand new bathtub with my bubble machine and swimming and laying down and getting my hair wet.  At least that's what she says, until you actually try to wash her up and she screams the whole time.

Tierney showing Grandma Clem her new toy puppy and pet carrier that she got for her birthday.

Tally had a little toy that played music when you pushed the button.  So she would say, "Dance Grandpa" and he would do a little jig and she would giggle.  Then she would keep pushing the button and say "Do again, do again" and giggle and giggle.

Tally wanted Grandpa to come in her new Tee Pee with her, but she thought he should get all the way in.  Grandpa just wasn't cooperating.

Move over Babe Ruth.  Here I come with my princess bat, and my Dad's a really good baseball coach!

Watching videos with "Great" Aunt Kathy.

Saying goodbye to Kathy.  She has to fly home on the airplane.  Thanks for coming.  We love you lots!

Always a princess.  She got high heels, jewelry and a tiara for her birthday.  I think she gets at least one tiara every year and it's always traumatic when it breaks.

Clowning around with the tea cups.

Dawn and Tierney playing with her new arts and crafts stuff.

Not sure who's having the most fun here.

Before Mom and Dawn had to leave, we made arrangements to meet her brother for lunch in Great Falls to surprise her for her 79th birthday.  So we went for a drive and stopped for lunch and they pulled up right next to us when we parked.  Mom turned to open her door and said in total surprise, as if it was just a coincidence, "Oh look, there's Lori!"  She had no idea it was planned.  It was fun to see them again.

Who knew being Grandma could be so much fun?

Biker Babe!

Taking the new birthday bike out for a test run.  Looking good girl!

Almost home.  Keep pedaling.

Too cute!

Tea time!  Would you like a little cream or sugar with your tea?  Check out the shoes.

Don't push me, Grandma.  I can do it by myself.  Okay, then!

Princess or Spiderman?  That is the real question.

Watching another video on that amazing phone.

John's official job, walking the dog.  I wonder if poor Digger has been out for a walk since we left.  I bet he misses Grandpa!

We stayed a few days longer than we planned as my Mother's other brother was having an 80th birthday celebration in Billings.  So we drove down for the afternoon and got to see them and their kids.  We had not seen their kids and grandkids for many years, some of the grandkids never.

We left on Thursday and spent a long weekend in Portland visiting John's Aunt and cousin and wife.  We left for Astoria, Oregon on Monday where we have spent the last week.  More about Astoria in my next blog.  

Over and Out

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  1. Hi Tarra ~
    GREAT pictures! Those gran'kids wore me out just looking at all their activities and general horsing around! I didn't notice any difference in the pictures with the larger format, however; no difference at all.
    Is Johnny losing weight? It looks like it in the pictures anyway.
    Anxious to hear about Astoria. Keep on keepin' on.