Thursday, February 4, 2010

Desert Moon & Old Downtown Tucson

Fri - Jan. 29th
View from the hill next to where we were camped in the desert.
View from our camper. It was supposed to be the brightest moon of the year.

St. Augustin Cathedral.

Pancho Villa.

El Charro Restaurant where they claim to have invented the Chimi Chunga in 1939 when they accidentally dropped a burrito in hot grease. The restaurant has been here in their original home since 1969 and is still run by the original owner's great niece. There were tables in every room of the house upstairs, main floor and basement. It was a really cool place. John ordered bec seca (dry beef). This is a picture of how they season and dry the beef in the sun for several days. We don't recommend it unless you have lots of salsa, sour cream, etc. It is indeed very dry!

This is in front of one of the little tourist shops. Note the sign on the door that says "Fighting terrorists since 1492".


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