Thursday, February 25, 2010

Parker, Arizona

Fri - Feb. 12th

Me with my Mom and my Aunt Ruby. Bet you can't guess which one is my Mom. We were just leaving my aunt's place in Phoenix after five days
visiting friends and family in the Phoenix/Mesa area.

We spent a few days in Quartzsite checking out all the flea markets and camping in the desert north of town.

Then we moved on to Parker where we camped a couple days at the BlueWater Casino. These are a few views of the Colorado River from the casino.

This is Parker Dam, until 2003 the deepest dam in the world at 320 feet high and 235 feet below the
river bed, only to be eclipsed by the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River in China which is now number two. The deepest now is the Teceze Arch Dam in Ethiopia.

Then we moved a few miles down the road to an RV park.

Views along the way.

Sunset views of the Colorado River at La Paz County Park on Saturday, February 20th.

We spent one night here and moved on to Lake Havasu.


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