Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lake Havasu, Laughlin, Oatman

Sun - Feb. 22nd

View of Lake Havasu, Arizona.

London Bridge at Lake Havasu City. It was dismantled in London, shipped over here and put back together to connect the island in the lake to the rest of the city.

We happened on this club of antique auto owners touring in their cars in Lake Havasu. We saw them again at Laughlin and Oatman. They were going on to Kingman on old Route 66.

View of a lighthouse replica on the island of Lake Havasu.

We drove four miles into the desert where we were camped just to see where the road went. When we came upon this, we decided it was a sign to turn back, so I guess we'll never know.

We hiked to the top of this hill at Craggy Wash where we were camped just north of Lake Havasu.

We could see part of the Lake and the airport from here to the west, and our home and fellow desert nomads to the east.

We are camped right in the middle of this photo.

This is one of the casinos at Laughlin, Nevada. Bullhead City is just across the river with in Arizona with about eight times the population of Laughlin.

This is Davis Dam at Laughlin.

Taking Route 66 up to the old mining town of Oatman, we stopped to see if these old duffers needed any assistance. They had just run out of gas and were waiting for a friend to bring them some.

Mama and baby taking a nap right downtown.

The burros were originally used for mining, but were abandoned when the mines were closed. Now they just roam the town freely looking for a handout of carrots, which are sold by the bagful at a local stand. One of them almost ate Hilary's Christmas present that was in a bag dangling from my hand while I was taking pictures.

They have a comedic shootout by a couple of bumbling bank robbers who can't get along and share the loot. Lots of quaint little shops.

To quote one of my two most favorite daughters, "Vegas, Baby!" We will be spending the next two weeks or so here with family and one of my bestest friends, Julie. So I'll probably be too busy to blog much.

Caught this picture just before we arrived at Vegas Feb 25th. Kind of cool.

Signing off for now.

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