Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Boat Parade at Newport Beach

Thur - Dec. 16th

Watching these little guys at Newport Beach was fun. Everytime the tide goes out they follow it out. Then they run back in ahead of it everytime it comes back in. John figured they must be burning more calories than they could possibly be taking in.

Aah, young love! Nobody drew hearts on the beach for me.

A few views along the Balboa Pennisula.

I thought this tree was cool, the way it was trained to grow along the house.

I thought these were also neat.

Bird of Paradise.

Flowers along the beach boardwalk at dusk.

Wrapped in a blankie on Balboa Pennisula, looking toward Balboa Island, watching the Christmas Boat Parade at Newport Beach.

The lamp from my favorite Christmas movie, "Christmas Story". Gotta love it.

As we sat on a park bench at the jetty enjoying the parade, a local couple joined us. We had a nice visit and told them how much we were enjoying California. The parade was over, we had said our goodbyes and were starting to leave when the guy says, "Try not to foul up the state before you leave". What an odd thing to say.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


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