Saturday, December 18, 2010

Getty Center Museum

Sat - Dec. 18th

Today we went to the Getty Museum for contemporary art. It rained all day and the fog was so thick, we couldn't even see the gardens or courtyards. But the inside was incredible and huge. We were there for almost seven hours.

I thought these two different artist's interpretations of David after he slew Goliath were interesting. I would have never pictured him like this one.

There were tapestries, porcelains, sculptures, photos, books, furniture, etc.

These people were living a totally opposite life style from what we are.

This describes the clock in the above photo. There were lots of wall clocks for the bedroom, that didn't chime at night, but had cords you could pull in the night to make it chime if you wanted to know what time it was.

This Turkish bed would have been placed against the wall with a canopy, that is now missing. The body of the bed pulled out on wheels, leaving the back attached to the wall, allowing the bed to be more easily made up by the servants.

Here's another pretty cool bed. I'll bet when the drapes are closed around it, it seems just like the little cubby hole we sleep in.

"La Promenade" 1870
by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

"Irises" 1889 painted by Vincent Van Gogh in the garden of an asylum while he was recuperating from a severe attack of mental illness.

"The Holy Family" about 1820
The Virgin Mary and her mother, Anne, holding the Christ Child while her father and husband quietly observe.

My Mom arrives tomorrow, Hilary's family on Wednesday, John's sister on Thursday and Dawn on Friday, so we are getting pretty excited. I hope it quits raining by the time they all get here.

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