Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Venice Beach & Santa Monica Pier

Sun - Dec. 12, 2010

Surfers at Venice Beach.

These guys were just doing some peaceful paddling in the same area.

We were walking on the pier when we heard music, "What a day for a daydream...". We turned around and this guy was just cruising by with a boom box plus all his other possessions.

Walking down the beach, I discovered that wading in 55 to 60 degree water does wonders for warding off the hot flashes.

More scenic views along the coast as we hiked toward the Santa Monica pier.

Interesting views along the boardwalk at Venice. I'm not sure I could walk on these fancy shoes.

This guy was singing, "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, help me get drunk..." over and over. The basketball courts in the background are where "White Men Can't Jump" was filmed.

Four young men were break dancing for the crowd here. The others were chanting, "Go white boy, go white boy."

There were several places like this with peddlers out front trying to get people to come in and sign up for their medical marijuana cards.

This man on stilts was chanting to the crowd to come in and see the two-headed turtle and other unusual sites. John offered to hold my stuff, so I could go inside. What a guy!

Notice the unusual roller blades on this man with the turban. He was playing what appeared to be an electric guitar and taking requests.

These young men were playing a game that appeared to be soccer in a small court with a net. It looked like it would take a lot of finesse.

Approaching the Santa Monica pier, home of the original Muscle Beach. The weight lifting is now located at Venice Beach. The Santa Monica pier has a whole theme park on it, plus several restaurants and tourists shops.

Taken toward the beach from the end of the pier.

Santa Monica Arlington right next to the pier. One cross for every soldier killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. There were performers down on the beach here, including Minnie & Mickey, Oscar the Grouch and Spiderman.

Walking back to Venice Beach. We walked almost 10 miles today.

I took almost 50 sunset photos, so I had a hard time deciding which ones to post.

What a perfect day. It was about 80 degrees, but it cools down really fast as the sun goes down.

As we headed back to the car, a big party was just getting started on the beach. It sounded like loud, African drums getting everyone fired up for battle. It seemed like the 2010 version of Frankie and Annette in the "Beach Party" movies. We could only guess at what was going on in the center of the crowd, but we knew it was time for us to leave.


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