Thursday, November 12, 2015

Back to the Grandkids

Wednesday, Oct. 7th - Monday, November 9th

We missed both the girl's birthdays the week we were gone.  Coincidentally, they are exactly a month before John's and mine, the 1st and the 3rd.  So, of course, they couldn't wait to open presents first thing when we got back.

What are they doing to me now?  Digger never gets left out of the fun, even though he is always just trying to find a quiet spot to nap.

The girls got new Frozen nighties for their birthdays and already had two from last year, so they dressed up their friend and couldn't leave little bro' out of the fun.

I got them all aprons and little"D" loved to put his on and get in their little kitchen and stir up some food and tea and serve it to us.


Tea Party.

A rare moment when our teenager is home.

More "eos" on Grandpa's phone.

Growing like a weed.

A little festival at the Library with fun and games and goodies!

If only these little matching sisters got along this good all the time.

Practicing our scary Halloween faces.

Go Long, Grandpa!

I'm sorry Tally.     I forgive you.

Aaahhh!  These girls, will they ever leave me alone?

A perfect little mermaid.

Mom is dressed up as Cleopatra for a Halloween party.  She doesn't have her head dress on yet.

Okay, we're ready to watch Lawrence Welk.  It's a Saturday night family event when we are here.  The girls love it because of the pretty, colorful dresses and the music and little brother just loves the music, so he can dance.  If he's outside and you tell him it's time for Lawrence Welk, he comes running, saying, "Welk, Welk!"  When I was a child, I thought it was cruel and unusual punishment when my parents turned on Lawrence Welk.

Even the baby joins in the fun.

More excitement than he can stand.  He just has to get down and dance.

Belle, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

Once again, they had to get little brother in on the fun.

A princess in the making.  They just can't wait till they can put big, poofy dresses on her.

Breaking the rules again!  Poor, patient Digger.

Playing piano while Tierney does her math on the computer.

Tierney at swimming lessons at the YMCA.

Tally's turn for a lesson.

Trick or Treat!  They put a little package of candy in our little scarecrow's bucket and he immediately took the candy out and threw the bucket away and commenced to open the candy.

We made him put it back in the bucket and carry the bucket.  After a couple more stops you could see the light bulb go on, when he figured out how this game worked.  Then he started holding his bucket out and saying, "More, more."

Another picture Grandma, Really?


Let me take a picture of you, Grandma.

Remember this dress B.L.?  You gave it to Dawn and she wore it for her baptism.

On my birthday, we took the kids to the Children's Museum, because the first Tuesday of every month is free.  Surprisingly, there was hardly anyone else there.

I got this.

It was harder than it looked and he needed a little help climbing up.

But he didn't need any help coming down.

Rub-a-dub-dub, three girls in a tub, went to sea a fishin'.

They caught a whole mess of fish,

and brought them home to the kitchen and cooked them up for our supper.

While little brother was busy building things on this magnetic table with magnetic blocks, I built the church, but he was not impressed.  He was much too busy to even notice.

The girls loved playing with this vacuum hose apparatus, where you stick a scarf in one place and it sucks it around and spits it out somewhere else and they try to catch it.

Read FROGGGY to us Grandma.

The zebra girls.  Little brother is just lucky they didn't have a pair for him this time.

Tierney had been so upset because the other two had matching pjs and she didn't.  Her Mom did a search on-line to see if she could find some for her birthday, but had no luck.  Just by chance I happened to spot a pair just her size at Good Will. 

Look at that smile.  Best $3.00 I ever spent.

Me and my kiddies, even the big one who claims he gets less than 10% of the attention anymore.

We hate to leave, but it's getting cold, and tomorrow's the day.

We left about 7:30 Friday morning, Nov. 6th.  I took this picture out the window just a few miles north of Three Forks, near Bozeman.  It looks like a big herd of horses, but it's actually flat, wrought iron, silhouette statues that look so real until you get right next to them.  We arrived at Dawn's Saturday afternoon and left there Tuesday morning for Topeka, Kansas where we will spend a few days seeing the sights, before heading further south to warmer temps.

On the Road Again,
More blogs to come,

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