Thursday, November 12, 2015

Can't Get Enough of Those Grandkids

Sunday, August 16th - Sunday, September 27th

The new baby soon outgrew the doll cradle!

But Mom, it's so much fun to play in Digger's food and water.  Why can't I share with him?

A lesson for the girls in how to fix a bike tire.

The next baseball hero of the family getting in a little batting practice.

How did you do that?  I want up there, too!

It's hard to get that baby away from her.

Aaarrh!  At least it's just mud this time and not dog pooh.

Little sister is so precious.  We all just want a turn to hold her.

The girls rigged up an elevator to haul their toys up in the tree.

My chance to cuddle with the baby for a few minutes.

Little brother loves to hold her, too, but he can't sit still very long.

He's always up to something he's not supposed to be doing.

Especially if Grandpa turns his back for just a minute.

But his best buddy is always nearby, looking out for him.

The growing family.

These girls are never happier than when they can wear matching outfits.

And what a couple of hams, always singing or dancing and putting on a show for us.

She looks kind of thin, but by the time we left, she was just a little butterball.

Dad, I think your tree needs some water.

Oh, to be so young and limber.  It just made Grandpa cringe and say "OW" every time they did this.

" 'Eos, 'eos! Let me see, too."  (videos, cartoons on Grandpa's computer)

Jammy time with Dad.

Sweet sisters.

Tierney got a sewing machine for Christmas, so we traced one of the baby's little outfits and tried to make her a dress.  It didn't turn out too bad, but we couldn't get it over her head.  She was so excited about putting the dress she made on the baby, so we cut it open down the back and took a picture.  Then we sewed snaps on the back and demoted it to doll clothes.

Flowers the girls and I planted.  What a pain trying to keep D and D out of them.


Happy sisters.

Cute and cuddly.

You go girl !

Wagon ride at the Pumpkin Harvest Festival on Saturday.

Petting the pony.

We love veggies.

Getting some ZZZs in a rare moment of quiet.

Best buddies.

Mom can I have up?  Mom can I have up. too?

Yeah, more 'eos!

Book, Grandpa, book.

On Saturday the girls and I walked over to the Dog Show at the Fairgrounds.

Fun and very interesting.

Watching all the grooming and prep.

And the behavior of the dogs,

As they perform specific moves for the judges.

Campers set up everywhere surrounded by fenced-in kennels.

We stopped to play at the park for a while before heading back home.

You're upside down, Grandma!

Little farmers,not!

What can be better than cuddling with little ones?

Oh, he gets so excited when he gets to hold his little sister!

You better pay attention Grandpa.  He looks like he might be thinking of something fun to do.

What?  I only gave him one bite of my sandwich.  When Carter came home from school he said, "Grandma!  Why did you dress him like Grandpa?"

Saturday was Open House at the new Little Children's Home in Helena, where our kid's friends are living and will be providing a home for children who need one.

Carter and Grandpa playing some hoops.

Toss a bean bag, win a prize.  But he wasn't interested in the prizes at all.  He just wanted more bean bags, so he could keep throwing them in the hole.

Same with the duck pond.  He didn't want to fish and win a duck.  He just wanted to play in the water.


Getting all cuddled up on the deck to watch the eclipse on Sunday evening with both Grandmas and Grandpas here.

Leaving in the morning to go back to Mom's in North Dakota and my niece's wedding in Aberdeen.


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