Thursday, November 12, 2015

Erin and Tyson's Wedding

Monday, Sept. 28th - Tuesday, Oct. 6th

We left early Monday morning and drove all the way to Mom's.  We helped her a little with her lawn and my little brother and sister-in-law with moving some of their stuff into their new apartment and just bummed around until Saturday morning, when we headed to Aberdeen for my niece's wedding.

Pictures before the wedding.

My, those are some tall shoes.

Dad, son and grandson.

The bride's Grandmas.

The Happy Couple.

Grandma and Mom.

Let's do this!

My little brother giving his little girl away.

Lighting the Unity Candle.

My mother and daughter, colors completely unplanned.

First Dance.

Bride and Father Dance.

Bridal party doing a little entertaining.

Everybody getting in on the action.

Young and old.

My Mom and little brother.

More fun!

My Mom and her great-grandson.

My Mom and her grandson.

Young love in bloom.

Look at those moves!

Go Andy, Go!

Father of the bride dancing with his mother.

A really nice wedding and a very good time.  Glad we made the trip back for it.  Thanks Dewey and Joni.  Tuesday night we went downtown for Mom's 81st birthday with Claude and Jodi and Lacey and Braylon.  Wednesday morning we headed out early and drove all the way back to Helena.

Missed those kids,
Grandma Tarra

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