Thursday, December 3, 2009

California Adventureland

Sat - Nov. 28th

This is the Hollywood Tower of Terror ride based on the movie where five people stepped into the elevator and were never heard from again. Once you get seated in the elevator, it drops several stories, several times. It
was quite a thrill and once was definitely enough.

We are in the upper right hand corner of the elevator here as it is dropping.

We rode Mickey's Big Wheel twice. The first time we chose to ride in one of swinging cars and I got quite nauseaous. The second time we chose to ride in one of the nonswinging cars. It was a great ride and we had a great view of everything all over the park.

On this ride they strapped us into seats around the tower and zipped you to the top of the tower. Then they dropped you back down part way and up and down and up and down. Another thrill I won't need to repeat. My next trip to Disneyland will involve lots of kiddie rides with my grandchildren.

Here is a picture of the roller coaster getting ready to take off. It makes several very steep drops and one upside down loop in the center where the blue circle of light is in the picture below. John always seems to be able to talk me into riding them, even though they scare me to death and I am sure I am going to have a heart attack. Boy, am I getting old!

This is a restroom that was built to look like an unside down kleenex box. We didn't even notice it when we went in, only later when we walked by it again.

The best ride in the park was Soaring California, which was like a virtual tour flying over California. We could actually smell the oranges as we flew over the orchards. It felt like our dangling feet were going to touch the tops of the trees as we skimmed over them.

We also saw several different 3-D movies that were awesome, just like we were actually part of the movie. So cool!

Thank you Kathy for including us in your 60th birthday celebration.
Party On,

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