Friday, December 4, 2009

Crystal Cathedral in L.A.

Mon - Dec. 30th

We stopped to see the Crystal Cathedral, home of Robert Schuller's "Hour of Power", before we left L.A. for home.

It's quite beautiful with the sun reflecting on it, but you know John. He said it's not actually crystal, it's only glass. Even so, architecturally speaking, it's pretty cool.

While we were in Disney, they had 4 inches of snow on the grapevine north of L.A. and more at higher elevations. I said it would it be awesome to be stranded at Disneyland because of a snow storm. Of course it was all gone by the time we left.

This is the inside with the front scenery for their Christmas Pageant which is all sold out Dec. 3rd to Jan. 3rd. John and his sister are standing up front.

There are 3,100 seats with a wing like this on each side.

The organ is at the rear.

Home Sweet Home. It's good to be back home again and even better to have family to mooch free campsites from.

The leaves are starting to fall here in Hanford and the weather is gorgeous. We are heading out for our daily hike.

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