Monday, December 21, 2009

Palm Springs Star Walk

Fri - 18th

Gene Autry is John's hero. He sang "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" and John's favorite, of course,
"Back in the Saddle Again".

John posing with statue of Sonny Bono. He was the mayor of Palm Springs until he was killed in a skiing accident. Sonny, that is, not John.

We did the downtown celebrity star walk. Roy and Dale had the only double star together. They were in front of the Palm Springs Art Museum. We had free tickets to the museum that we got at the vistors center, so we went. It was very good. We enjoyed it very much. Not surprisingly, there are lots of art and cultural things going on.

Lots of streets are named after celebrities, too. There is a Kirk Douglas Way, Gerald Ford Drive, Dinah Shore Drive.... Who is that you say? Boy, you are young!

There is a sky tram ride up the mountain for a view of the city and surrounding area, but we opted to take a drive up to a view point. It was a lot cheaper.

Each car holds 80 people and takes about 10 minutes for the two miles to the top. The car rotates around as it travels to the top for a 360 degree view.

Here is our view from where we drove up. You might be able to see the casino we are camped by. It is the only tall building in the upper left corner. The cities are surrounded by mountain ranges in all directions, so there are great views every direction.

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