Monday, December 21, 2009

Palm Springs Living Desert

Mon - Dec. 21st

We were here when they opened at 9:00 AM. We got to watch the feeding of the reticulated giraffes. Anyone who wanted to could feed the grain pellets to them. You just laid it on their tongues, which can be 18 inches long, and they wrapped their tongue around it and pulled it in. You might get
slimed a little, but the zoo keeper said it was clean slime. There was also a pair of ostriches in with
the giraffes.

Warthog. John says it is the animal he relates to the most, since his son-in-law referred to him as a grizzled old...... (what was it again? I forget).

Cheetah. They have a variety of animals here from Africa and America.

Mexican Wolf. It has very pretty colors. It is endangered like our wolves. They are currently introducing them back into the wild just like we did here in the U.S.

They have plant varieties from all the deserts in the world, bird sanctuaries and butterfly and hummingbird gardens.

I highly recommend this place. We spent six hours here with no breaks for lunch or gift shops. They have regular scheduled animal shows plus impromptu talks along the walkways where the keepers bring out baby animals to show. They also have an animal hospital you can go in and watch and ask questions. We could have easily spent the whole day.

They also had miniature trains that were amazing to watch. They had houses, businesses, cars, people, boats, planes, trellises, bridges, tunnels, etc. Anything you could think of, from outhouses to the Grand Canyon. Check out the last picture for Mount Rushmore just under the airplane.

Yesterday we went to a big flea market. We bought pistachio nuts, almond covered date treats, pineapple chunks rolled in chili powder and a couple Christmas gifts and had lunch.

Driving back to our campsite.
Moving on tomorrow.

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