Monday, December 7, 2009

Giant Sequoia Trees

Wed - Dec. 2nd

John's sister took us up to Sequoia National Park for the day. It is just a couple of hours from where she lives. It is the second National Park, established in 1890 after Yellowstone Park.

Once again I highly recommend dramamine for the very windy roads. We passed many miles of orange and lemon groves on the drive up.

When we got into Sequoia, we hiked up Moro Rock for the great views.

This is a view of the middle fork of the Kaweah River and the windy road we drove up on.

This was the mountain range behind us. We were very lucky to be able to go up here this time of the year. They had lots of snow last week, but it was mostly melted and the roads just had a few icy patches left on them.

Tarra walking thru an old fallen sequoia.

View of Obelisk Peak in Kings Canyon National Park.

General Sherman Tree. The Sequoias are not as tall as the redwoods we saw a few weeks ago in northern California, but they are larger in total volume because they are so much bigger around at the bottom and at the top. Just their bark is actually 12" thick.

The General Sherman Tree is the largest tree on earth by volume. Each year it gains enough wood to equal a very large tree of any other species. It is 2,200 years old.

This is us at General Grant's Grove.

This is Michigan Spring Tree that fell in 1931 because of a spring that ran under it and eroded it.

There are three priests walking thru this dead tree that probably died 100s of years ago.

There was a little snow on the ground here next to the parking lot. From here we headed down to Fresno. There were lots of vineyards along this road. The grapes here are grown for wine, juice and raisins.
I guess we were getting to be annoying quests. John's sister decided to go on a 5 day vacation to Las Vegas, so we are house sitting. I think we will be on the road again next Monday after she gets back from vacation. So probably no more pictures till then.
Over and out.

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