Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Army Proving Grounds & Imperial Dam

Wed. - Jan 13th
We took a drive north of Yuma on Hwy. 95 today. We went by the U.S. Army Yuma Proving Grounds. It was one of the original training areas for WW II troops.

These were tanks and artillery on display that were used in the wars thru present day.

This is Squaw Valley Recreation Area near Imperial Dam.

This is Imperail Dam. Most of the water from the Colorado River has already been redirected to canals for irrigation and other uses before it reaches this point. Here 90% of what is left is channeled off for other uses and the Colorado no longer reaches the ocean due to all this rechanneling into the desert.

This is what is left of the Colorado at this point after being channeled off into the All American Canal.
John took me to the Peanut Patch Shop the other day so I could buy fudge. I bought a pound and a half. He took it as some kind of personal insult. He said I must be lacking for something if I needed that much chocolate. It was a half pound free, if you bought a pound. I had to do it. He just doesn't understand the shopping rules! He'll get over it.

Tubby Tarra

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