Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gully Washer

Wed. - Jan. 20th

We are hiking up on the side of the hill. Our camper is right between the two straight cactus just left of center.

There are about 120 campers here at the Coyote Howl campground in Why, Az. We are are right in the center of this picture.

This is our camper. As I was reading in bed last night, the wind came up. It started to rain and it really rained, harder and harder. And the wind blew ferociously. I thought we were going to be washed away, as John laid there snoring up a storm.

We went for a walk today to check out the situation. Our camper is the furthest to the left.

We are straight back from this little gully that was washed out.

This is the highway just outside our campground.

The average annual rainfall here is between 10 and 15 inches. We got a little over an inch, mostly in just a couple of hours. When it finally quit, the coyotes came out of their dens and started howling.

John got up in the morning and said, "Oh, it rained last nite".
Here is a very good use for empty wine bottles. Unique Christmas decorations.
We frequently see pilots flying over doing training exercises and occasionally hear the boom when they break the sound barrier.

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