Friday, January 29, 2010

Titan Missile Museum

Comment I received on yesterday's blog, too funny not to share.
"I, myself, am married to a wood rat (pack rat).
Ironically, she claims to be married to a stink beetle!"

Thanks for sharing, Steve.

Wed. - Jan. 27th

Today we toured the Titan Missile Museum a few miles south of Tucson. We are on our way down five stories with 8 foot thick cement walls. The bottom of the missile is seven stories down.

Here is a picture of the top of it from below. It is the only one left. All of the others have been destroyed. There were originally others at Wichita, Kansas and Little Rock Arkansas. They were built 1959 to 1962 during the cold war with Russia to discourage them from starting a war with us. The hope was that we would never have to use them, which fortunately we didn't.

Here is the place where it would have been set off, if the president had given the word. It took two people and several secret codes to set it in motion, but once they were set, it could not be canceled.

This is a picture of some of their security radar and they had hatches like the one below with extras, in case they were compromised in any way. Everything had backups to the backups and it could be set off with a generator or even batteries if need be.

It was 9 million tons, more than all the bombs by all the allies in WWII, including the two atomic bombs. It had to be capable of demolishing a very large area because they did not have the accuracy capabilites they have now with the Minute Men.
I must have said something blond again because John said, "I know it was a different time back then, but I still think your Mom should have quit drinking when she was pregnant with you." Oh, what does he know?

On a side note, we have noticed lots of smoking shops. We have driven by the Tobacco Barn several times since we have been here in Tucson. They have two drive thrus, one on each side of the building. Everytime there was at least 25 cars lined up and waiting. We finally figured out that it must be on the reservation, no taxes. Duh!
A t-shirt we saw that John liked said, "If a man speaks in a desert where no woman can here, is he still wrong?". Once again, Duh!
Over and out.

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