Saturday, January 16, 2010

Relaxing at the Campground

Sat - Jan. 16th

We decided to just relax around the campground today.

I cleaned the RV windows and John set up his new i-pod and downloaded some stuff. He was so proud of himself for getting it all figured out. I'm sure glad he likes that stuff, because I'd be hopeless at it. Right, Jeff?

Then we went for a walk exploring the campground. It looks like this lady has been here a long time and has a fun sense of humor. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures.

The campground is 600 acres, about one square mile. The name of the place is Coyote Howl and yes, we can hear them howling every night. Sometimes they sound as if they are right in the campground. Maybe they are.

I'm sure not going outside after dark to find out, but mostly because there is a sign on the bathroom door to be sure and keep it closed tightly and beware of rattle snakes. Yikes!!!

There are also a couple of other kinds of snakes to watch out for and scorpions and tarantulas. We haven't seen any yet, thank goodness. I will probably have a heart attack if I see one.

This is a cholla that is starting to bloom. It's still a little early for the cacti to start blooming.

I think this is a mission cactus, like the prickly pear with no spines.

Here I am next to several saguaros. They can grow to be 150 years old. The organ pipe can get as old as 100 years.

Hear is a purple prickly pear cactus with a couple of barrel cacti in front of it.

Here is a bigger barrel cactus that is starting to bloom.

This is a hill on the north edge of our campground.
The south facing hills are the favorite places for the organ pipe cactus to grow. Here there are organ pipe, saguaro and cholla.

Later in the day we went for a walk around the town of Why, which is about like walking around Sinai or DeLamere, if they were on the rez. We encountered border patrol several times as we walked around the tiny town and they pulled up
at the gas station to check out a couple of suspicious looking characters as we walked by.

Dusk in the desert, view from our campsite.


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