Friday, January 8, 2010

Yuma City Parks

Wed & Thur - Jan. 6th & 7th

We took the first exit coming from California and the Visitor Center was right there along with the
Quartermasters Depot Museum. The first picture was on the museum grounds. It was a lovely place to bring a lunch and have a picnic and all of the old army post buildings were interesting to go through.

Just below there along the Colorado River, we went for a walk in Gateway park with a view of the Ocean to Ocean Bridge. We walked toward East Wetlands Parks with an old Indian Mission up on the hill.

Nearby is their old downtown area which has been very nicely redone with fountains and roundabouts.

We went in the back door of Lutes Casino to try their legendary Especial for lunch. It's a casino in name only, there is no gambling. It's just a funky old place with all kinds of memorabilia on the walls and hanging from the ceiling and everywhere. It's a local legend and the special is a hamburger with sliced hotdog and cheese on top.
I passed and had a quesadilla. John said it was okay, but he wouldn't need to have another.

The next day we went back to finish hiking thru the park along the river. This is the entrance to the West Wetlands Park. Together the three parks run about seven miles along the river. This was our favorite part. It was an old landfill and the city decided to clean it up about 10 years ago and
make it into a park.
This is a really cool playground given in someone's memory.

Here's me. "Hi everybody."

Just a few more pictures from the park.

John says he is going to start his own blog to complain about the comments I have been making about him and my shopping habits. I spent $20 in Mexico on four items - outrageous. Of course, we know it won't happen, because as his kids know, he does not whine.

More tommorow.


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