Monday, November 9, 2009

Arcata & Ferndale, Ca.

Mon - Nov. 9th

The palm trees are the gateway to the waterfront boardwalk at Arcata and the Old Town area with lots of awesome architecture.

After spending the morning checking out the great architecture of all the old homes and businesses, we went to the Samoa Cookhouse
for lunch. It is the last lumber camp style
cookhouse in operation in North America.
It was part of Samoa, one of the last company

owned towns in the U.S. They have served meals
there continuously since 1893, to
lumber company employees only until the late 1960s.

After lunch we headed south to Ferndale, known as "Cream City", because of the concentration of dairies in the

At Ferndale we discovered
old cemeteries, one on each side of the same hill. They were quite unique. Once again we walked around gauking at all the awesome architecture. I think Fern-
dale was the best of them all, but I highly recommend
walking thru Arcata and Eureka, also. What a beautiful area this is with
the architecture, the ocean
and the redwoods.


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