Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ft. Bragg-Anderson Valley Wineries

Sat - 14th

The mushroom and wine fest is going on this week, so we set out for a day of wine tasting in the Anderson Valley wineries. That is, me tasting and John driving. The first seven pictures are of the Goldeneye
Vineyards where I only took
pictures. It was the last one of the day and it was very expensive. I had already had enough wine by then anyway, but they did have a very beautiful place.

We were told at one place that we were a week too late for the really good colors. She said a lot of the leaves had already fallen off. I
couldn't imagine it being
even better. I thought it was gorgeous. She also said the red on the vines was caused by a virus.

Navarro Vineyards was the third place I did some tasting at. They were serving a mushroom quiche with their wines and it was marvelous. I found a syrah
there that I really liked, so we bought two bottles. We had brought a picnic lunch with us, so we sat there and had our lunch surrounded by the beautiful vineyards.

The enclosed water tower is at Handley Vineyards and the quaint little wine tasting building is at Husch. We also stopped at Lazy Winery, Toulouse Winery,
Scharffenberger Cellars, Breggo Cellars where we
just bought a book (no tasting) and Roederer Estate, which is a branch of some big champagne place in France and does mostly sparkling wines.

On our way back to Ft. Bragg, we stopped at Van Damme State Park at the mouth of the Little River on the south edge of
Mendocino to watch the red abalone divers. It must be the season for it, because the cars have been parked along the shoulders of the road everywhere. They are carrying their wet suits and hiking thru cow pastures and everything to get to the ocean. I guess it's really a big deal around here. I don't really know what they are, but I'm told they are the biggest shell fish you can get. Maybe we will get a chance to try them somewhere.

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