Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Florence, Oregon

Mon - Nov. 2nd
We decided to stay over another day in the Dunes Area. This area of the coast from Lincoln City to Coos Bay is supposed to be good for spotting gray whales. Females get to be 40' and males 60'. We haven't been lucky enough to see any yet.

We went for a walk in Old Town Florence on the waterfront. It is very charming, quaint and rustic. We drove up to Cape Perpetua for the scenic view way, way up above Devil's Churn where we were yesterday. It is supposed to be the best view on the Oregon Coast and it was awesome! Then we did a two mile hike along the creek to see a 500 year old Sitka Spruce. It started growing over a "nurse" log which later decayed and left a tunnel thru the base of the tree. Sitkas grow in a four mile area on the Pacific Coast up to Kodiak, Alaska.

We stopped to take pictures of the Heceta Head Lighthouse and heard the barking as soon as we opened the door to get out. There were hundreds, maybe thousands, of sea lions on the beach below us. The beach was just about solid black, there were so many, and you could see them swimming all over in the ocean. What a racket all their barking made!

We hiked over the dunes to watch the sunset again. After a busy day of hiking, we went to the seafood buffet at the Three Rivers Casino.

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