Thursday, November 5, 2009

Brookings, Oregon

Thur - Nov. 5th

Gale force warnings are out today. There is supposed to be 80 mph winds at Cape Blanco Light House where we were yesterday. And I thought the RV was rocking yesterday! We walked down to the beach where we are staying at Harris Beach State Park in Brookings, Oregon. We were only there a few minutes when it started raining. So we drove around town for a couple of hours and sat in the car at the harbor to watch the surf roll in for a while.

We have been doing a lot of hiking. Unfortuately, we have also discovered cheap, casino buffets and happy hour (half price drinks) at DQ. So the fitness goals we made have been eluding us. However, the cappacino moolatte and the strawberry shake were very much enjoyed.

Pictures of the bears are from downtown Brookings. Each one of them has a little engraved plate with the artist's and donor's names. It seems like a great way to create a theme for your town at no expense to the city, that will keep on expanding as people make donations. As I was typing this, the local news came on TV showing the bears and talking about some local festival they were created for.

Rockin' in the wind,

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  1. Nice to see folk enjoying our paradise here in Brookings, OR. We have lived here for 10 years after finding our home while traveling about and staying at Harris Beach. We had to find a way to live where we most loved to visit. Maybe you will do the same and if so, welcome!