Thursday, November 19, 2009

San Francisco

Mon - Nov. 16th

We drove into San Francisco for the day. This is Point Bonita Lighthouse. A walking bridge with a limit of two persons at a time is the only way to get over there.

There were harbor seals resting on the rocks below.

We have been to San Francisco twice many years ago. If you get there, you should ride the street cars, drive up Lombard Street (the most crooked street in the world), go to Golden Gate Park, eat some fresh crab at Fisherman's Wharf and take a tour of Alcatraz Island. Since we had already
done these things, we just walked across the Golden Gate Bridge and down to the pier. Views are of the bridge and from the bridge.

The walk was cool, but I wished I had brought my ear plugs. The traffic was very loud.

This is Alcatraz Island.

This is the city skyline and the pier that we walked down to and the Oakland Bay Bridge to the left,

These are brown pelicans at the pier.

Angel Island.

There were lots of people fishing and this fellow was throwing out crab pots. There were several seals swimming around and lots of birds.

A couple more views of the pier and Alcatraz.

Lots of bikers everywhere we go. Also, lots of bike routes and bike share lanes. When there are no lanes or shoulders, they just take the driving lane in all that traffic. I suppose you get used to it, but I would be afraid of imminent death.

This shows the size of the cables on the bridge.

Some surfers at Marin Headlands at end of day.

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