Friday, November 20, 2009

Point Arena Lighthouse

Sun - Nov. 15th

Oops, I guess I missed a day, so I'll back track. We headed south from our campsite in Ft. Bragg to see Point Arena Lighthouse. This is a picture of the road ahead. We saw bikers several
times today. We have to wait for them to get around every curve before we pass them. There is no way we could pass them while meeting a car and we can't see ahead to know if a car is coming or not.

Point Arena Lighthouse is the western most point on the California coast. It is 115 feet tall with 145 steps. The original light was built in France, had 660 prisms and weighed 4,000 pounds. It was built in 1870 three miles from the San Andreas Fault. It was badly damaged in the earthquake
of 1906 that destroyed San Francisco. It was rebuilt in
1908. The light could be seen from almost 22 miles away where the curvature of the earth starts to interfere with the line of vision. It has been featured in several movies, including Forever Young with Mel Gibson in 1992. It is a working lighthouse, but it has a new light, radar, gps, etc.

We took a guided tour of this lighthouse for $7.50.
It was very interesting. Views are from the top.
After the tour we had a lunch break in our home and enjoyed the view from our living room window.
A heron hanging out by the lighthouse.
View from our campsite when we arrived in Bodega Bay the next day.
Time to kick back and watch a little TV.

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